Imgur Album&8628;

Drag this bookmarklet (Album) to your toolbar.

Then click it when you want to download an album. Stupidly simple to use.

A handy bookmarklet that downloads and stores all images in an Imgur album into a single Zip archive. To use it, just click it while viewing an Imgur album. The individual images will begin downloading in the background, with the progress appearing in the lower-left corner of the screen. Once complete, the progress message will by replaced by a download button. Just click it, choose where to save the Zip archive, and it will be instantly saved. That's it.

Adobe Flash 10 or newer is required. Besides that, you can check browser support here: "Canvas element#Support" on Wikipedia.
tl;dr - You need Flash, no support for IE8 or older.

All processing is performed locally in your webbrowser; no information is sent anywhere. This tool is completely unaffiliated with Imgur and is licensed under the BSD License. Source is available here.

Imgur and the Imgur logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Imgur, LLC, and are © 2012 Imgur, LLC. All rights reserved.


Excessively large albums (in either number of images and/or image resolution) may fail to download. This is a combination of Javascript memory management limitations and 32-bit memory limitations. Improvements to the code base will always be sought, but not everything can be fixed on this end.


Once the bookmarklet is clicked, the images in the album will begin to download.
When all images in the album have been downloaded, they will be stored into a Zip archive, which you can then save to your computer by clicking the "download" button shown.